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Backyard Bounty is a program of the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County that connects farmers and backyard growers with volunteers to glean fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste.

Glean: verb, to gather (leftover grain or other
produce) after a harvest.

Backyard Bounty Day
JOIN US THIS SATURDAY, OCT 25th. Community Strength and Involvement in Action. Donate your fruit or help with the harvest!

Backyard Bounty Hunters
Backyard Bounty Hunters are the heart of the Backyard Bounty program.  This core group of volunteers helps by leading small harvests in their communities and providing assistance on larger harvests.  Interested in becoming a Backyard Bounty Hunter?  First register and then email Niles at

Other Volunteer Opportunities
If you’re unable to commit to being a Backyard Bounty Hunter, you can still be a Backyard Bounty volunteer!  We always need helping hands for donations of every size, from a single fruit tree to an orchard that needs 20-30 volunteers.  Register to volunteer in order to access information about upcoming Backyard Bounty harvests in your area!

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